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Hospitality Analytics

If your business revolves largely around customer service it is very important to understand what factors impact the loyalty of your customers. Apply hospitality analytics to your business and serve your customers better.

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Hospitality Analytics: Know Your Customers Better

With the growing competition it is the right time for companies operating in Hospitality Industry to understand their customers better and serve them in best of the capabilities.

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A visual explanation for conditional probability

Victor Powell has recently provided a visual explainer for conditional probability. In the past he has visualized the Central Limit Theorem and Simpson’s Paradox. In the given example, there are two shelf-one blue and one red. Both represent the two possible events that can happen together or ...

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Future Market Research?

Market Research is a systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insights or support decision making. Alternately Market Research can be understood as an organ...

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Sports Analytics: Is It Only For Developed Countries?

It is a known fact that development of sports activities is not a top priority in the national budget of most of the developing countries. It can also be established that sports activities are not an active part of the eductional system of most developing countries. I’ll not be wrong if I say that...

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Data Analytics: Will the Larger Companies Have the Competitive Edge?

When I refer to Data Analytics in this post, I refer to the Big Data Analytics. This is mainly because I am assuming that all the companies, big and small, do use some amount of data analysis, or traditional data analysis, I will call. The most commonly used definition for Big Data is the classic [&...

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Free Training-cum-Internship Program

COSTARCH has started a free training-cum-internship program for currently enrolled students. Students from MCA/ MSc(IT) and other IT related streams are eligible for this training-cum-internship program. We will also be considering students from other streams who have good IT skills and knowlege. Th...

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Training in Applied Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

Lecture 1 from our Online SEM Training Series Click here to register for Online Training in Applied SEM About SEM:- Structural Equation Modeling is a powerful multivariate data analysis technique that is widely used in many areas of research. It allows both confirmatory and exploratory modeling, mea...

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Sentiment Analysis Polarizing Techniques: Easy or Difficult?

Think of a scenario; where a very famous bollywood star Salman Khan’s movie made 1 Billion INR within its first week of release, but you haven’t heard anything about the movie. So before going to the movie theatre you would like to know whether this movie is worth watching or not? This may seem ...

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Where will the social data take you?

With the development of web technologies, an increasing amount of opinions are published online every day!! People rely on the reviews more than before to help determine the quality of product in which they are interested!! We use the chatter data from Twitter.com to forecast box-office revenues for...

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